Experience package

Sitting in a race car is not just travelling - it is an experience in which you can excel yourself, it’s the feeling of butterflies in your stomach and the thrilling feeling after an adventure. This experience will stay with you forever.

We arrange rides with a driver, but we can also let you drive the race car. In such case, you will have the driver of Co-Motorsport as a co-driver giving you instructions during the drive.

Bring you, your friends, your work group, or your customers to experience the thrill of a rally. Shared experiences strengthen business relations and give you an unforgettable memory. This package is a wonderful birthday present or an activity for stag and hen parties.

Every part taker gets a video filmed with GoPro and/or aerial view video filmed with Drone and a photography from the race car as a memory.

We do the drives in summer conditions on asphalt or on gravel and in winters on snow and ice. For example, Jurva’s Botniaring offers great conditions for rides and driving.

It is possible to include a dinner, sauna, and accommodation with the experience package. Villa APR is located near Botniaring and it is available for different groups to rent. These packages are suitable for 5 to 10 people.

Read more about Botniaring: https://www.botniaring.fi/

And more information of Villa APR: https://www.villaapr.fi/


We follow all the safety regulations defined by AKK-Motorsport (Finland’s National Motorsport Organization). Safety gear includes car’s safety bars, bucket seats, 6-point seat belts, helmet, fire slowing clothes, gloves, and head restraint.


Experience package